Las Venturas Cops & Robbers (LVCNR) is a prime popular server of the Cops & Robbers (CnR) faction & is regularly updated.
The game begins by choosing of a player class like civilian, cops, medics, Army etc. By being a civilian, one can perform many jobs like being a kidnapper, rapist, terrorist, hitman, etc. The basis of the game is the Cops & Robbers theme. Civilians can commit crime in a numerous ways and earn score, money & points. The cops & the related Law Enforcing Agencies (LEA) - like the CIA, Army, etc., hunt for the wanted criminal civilians & earn score, money & points after killing or arresting jailing them. The gameplay also includes a lot of side missions that can be performed for extra cash and points, like - Driver Job, Delivery Missions, TrashMan Job, Sweeper Job, Treasurehunt, Forklift Job, etc.

Few basic server features include housing & business, custom furniture, custom vehicles, sea fishing, random events, cops rank system, banking & insurance, etc. The server admins also conduct timely random events like Derby, Races, DM Events etc.

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For the list of complete set of rules please click here. Follow The Rules or get kicked!
  • Obey Admins & Respect other Players.
  • Do not spam/flood the chat, or advertise other servers.
  • Hacking/Cheating will get you banned.
  • Usage of 3rd Party mods/patches, cleo etc, are not allowed. Mods which give players undue advantage over others are not allowed.
  • LEO players must not kill innocent civilians.
  • Team attack/killing is not allowed.
  • Spawn Killing is not allowed.
  • Random killing OR DMing is NOT allowed. Also, wanted players CANNOT randomly attack or DM among themselves anymore. (From v3.2.1)
  • LEOs cannot work with or assist criminals in any manner.
  • Yellow players are to be ticketed by LEO. However, fleeing yellows' vehicles can be shot at, to get them to a halt.
  • Do not EMP vehicles if there are no wanted players inside the vehicle. However, vehicles causing hindrances to LEO operations can be EMPed.
  • Do not quit or pause to avoid anything.
  • Farming score, xp, money,etc., is unacceptable, and may get you banned.
  • Do not randomly attack/kill LEOs. Cop hunt is punishable.
  • You cannot defend your gangmates except during gangwars in the zones.
  • Do not arrest other players in a car as a passenger. (Cop G-Abuse)
  • Placing random hits are not allowed.
  • Do not report for other players in-game. Each player reports for himself.
  • Connecting over VPNs/Proxies aren't allowed.
  • Sharing of accounts is not allowed.
  • Admins can enforce rules as they see fit.
  • This list is not exhaustive. Please visit the Rules section of Forum for complete set of rules.
  • The rules are subject to addition/modification. Visit this section regularly.
For the list of complete set of rules please click here.
Interested in ruling the streets of San Andreas!? Join a gang or make your own!

There are numerous zones where gangs can indulge in wars and capture the zones. The top guns of the city can be found by using /gtop.
A list of all gangs & turfs can be found on the UCP here.

For more details on your gang, use the UCP.
Feel free to buy property in San Andreas!

Houses can be purchased from server & also from other other players. Use /housesforsale to list the available houses for sale.
A list of all houses can be seen on the UCP here.
Didn't like any of the available houses? Or plan to build a custom Villa!?
Purchase Custom House from the Store and get your favorite house at your right away!

Businesses once purchased fetch you a fixed guaranteed revenue everyday. Control your business with  /business,  while you are inside your business. You can withdraw, deposit, add permissions, etc.
A list of all businesses can be seen on the UCP here.
For more information, refer to the LVCNR Wiki.
Switch to side missions & jobs and earn extra cash & stats! There are a variety of side jobs or missions available to choose from.
A few to mention are: Driver Job, Trashtruck missions, Construction Missions, Sweeper job, etc.

Type /missions in game for more information about each of them.
Donations are spent to cover the cost of server resources, and they would allow the server to continue on a month to month basis. We need your continuous help to keep the server and the community running.

We are indebted to all those who help us to keep the community running. The list of VIPs is displayed here.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is LVCNR & what’s this all about?
LVCNR is a server on San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP). We’re a very old community and have been around since 2010. To join the server, you need to have GTA San Andreas (Full Game) & San Andreas Multiplayer Mod.  More information can be found here.

How do I earn Money & Score?
Firstly, killing fellow players for no reason i.e., death-matching (DM) will NOT fetch you any score or money, instead you invite punishment by getting kicked or banned. To earn money & score, you can choose a class and perform the job of your respective skill. You may also choose to perform side missions.

I found a hacker/cheater/abuser on server
If so, don’t shout on the main chat, simply use /report (/rp) and report to the admins. You may also take good proofs of the player hacking (like a video) and post them on the forum.

I was banned unfairly, what do I do?
Write an unban appeal here using this format. Never evade your ban. Evading your ban will only increase your ban period.

I am not banned, but I still cannot connect to the server. What do I do?
Close GTA and try connecting again. You may also try restarting your router/modem. If you're convinced that the issue still persists, open a ticket and submit it with the relevant details by logging in with your game credentials. In case you don't have a game account yet, you may contact the admins on Discord/Forum/IRC.

How do I become a Regular Player?
You can become a regular player by playing regularly on the server, helping out new players and following /rules of server. Being Active on Forums & IRC count.

How do I become a Helper?
You may submit a helper application on the forum for the review of management. Note that the management is not bound to reply/comment on your application within any stipulated period. Asking or PMing admins/helpers to take a look at your application will simply result in your permanent disqualification for helper.
See the list of complete requirements.

How do I become an Admin?
Firstly, NEVER ask to be one. Asking to be one, or nagging about it will only increase your chances of NOT becoming one. Admins are LVCNR are hand picked by the server administration on the basis of many qualities of a player. Carrying a good conduct in the community, abiding by the rules, etc do add up to your points!

Do you have any other questions? Take a look at the LVCNR Wiki .
What Are 10-Codes?

Basically, 10-Codes allow you to communicate information quickly. They are used by the Police Administration in many countries of the world.

We at LVCNR, have adopted these 10-Codes and modified them according to our game needs. You can use them in game chat & also in police (/p) & army radio (/ml).

If you type: /p 10-37
You will see: < Police Radio > Player (2):Gang War in Progress (10-37).

You can also use two or more 10-codes at a time.

If you type: /p 10-74 at 10-20
You will see: < Police Radio > Player (2):Civil Disturbance (10-74) at Prickle Pine (10-20).

List of 10-Codes
For a list of complete 10-Codes, please visit LVCNR Wiki.

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