The LVCNR Saga – The Truth of #KCNRDrama!

After having been invoked consistently by many, for the last few years now, over the fabricated and distorted story of LVCNR’s past that has been showcased on the KCNR website (, I am here to pen down some excerpts from the reality. Why this post? The LVCNR community has been…

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All Bans Cleared!

Hey, good news!
During the third year of our successful run, we’ve planned to clear all the server bans. We’ve cleared all the 10,872 banned accounts accumulated since 2015.



The Hiring Drive!

We’re delighted to re-open the staff applications and look forward for active participation from everyone. Please read the requirements before you apply for one. Are you interested to become one? Apply here!

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Reecy’s Memorial: Media Crew

The LVCNR Media Crew showcases Reecy’s memorial that was built as a tribute to our dear friend Aloreece (IGN: Reecy) for her unforgettable association & voluntary efforts to serve with the LVCNR community.

May her soul Rest In Peace.

Made by Media Crew members – Duke & Ryan_Likes.