LVCNR Update v3.2.2

Version 3.2.2 Update



  • New command added: /ejectme (/ejm) -This will eject you from any vehicle you’re as a passenger. Will not work if you are tied/kidnapped.
  • Trashmaster mission now earns you score for collecting 10+ bags.
  • Bus mission now earns you score, in addition to cash & XP.
  • Gangs now show up with Gang IDs in /gangs, /gmenu, /info, /gzones, etc. Even the Gang details in UCP ( now show the Gang ID.
  • /rape & /rob now work with or without <id>. If without <id>, the nearest player will be robbed/raped (within the range).
  • /tk without ID will /ticket the closest wanted player. /tk <id> will specifically /ticket the player <id>, even if he’s not the closest one. However, standard range does apply.
  • /payticket (OR /paytk) now shows you & the cop a confirmation message of payment. It will also check your cash in hand.
  • Innocent VIP players (including Secret-Service) will now be visible on mini-map/radar during events like Derby, Race, DM, etc.
  • /sellcarto (For selling your owned vehicles) now includes a 10% tax on the price you wish to sell it at. So, if you sell your car for $100, you receive only $90.
  • IRC player chat now shows Player Class (CIA, ARMY, MEDIC, etc).
  • A few minor bugs with /sellcarto have also been fixed.
  • Fixed a minor server log bug with House IDs.


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