LVCNR 3rd Anniversary

Dear All,

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of LVCNR. We’d resumed the LVCNR journey on this day in 2015, after suspending the community in 2011.
We’re pleased to observe the 3rd anniversary of LVCNR.

This year, as you may have noticed, there have not been any anniversary events or celebrations as such, on this occasion. The management has been quite busy lately, and hence we’ve not been able to arrange for a celebration this year. We’ve planned to postpone the anniversary celebrations by a few weeks, after we release the update. On behalf of the LVCNR Team, I re-affirm that we’re working on the update as and when we are able to, and we shall release the update soon.

You may have observed the slump in the players on LVCNR, which is mainly because we have stepped out of the SA-MP master list AKA hosted tab. That means, we are not listed on the SA-MP servers list on the SA-MP client. And hence, there’s no point in blindly believing any rumours that say otherwise. For those who still want to believe the lame rumours, I’d only say that they would realise the reality with time.

The server being empty is also a major concern for many players. As stated, its obviously due to our de-listing from the master list. You may however join the server with your regular friends and continue the gameplay.

There has been a lot of wrath over the hackers in game, recently. And we completely understand the rage involved. We are aware of the situation and have also been addressing the issue as much as possible for the time being. The hackers would only end up their accounts & IPs being banned and their gangs being deleted/fined. So, they wouldn’t be able to cause much of a harm to the players and their genuine gangs (including the gang score) in any manner. We’d also act on the players’ K/D ratio that gets affected due to hackers in some cases. So, you don’t have to worry for anything at all. Keep reporting as and when you find hackers.

The anniversary celebration dates will be announced soon. We’re currently working on the updates, as stated. Once the update is released, we will be subscribing for the hosted tab listing again, and you’d also see an active participation of the staff team. For updates, keep up with the LVCNR App, the forum & this Discord server!


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