LVCNR 4th Anniversary Celebrations

This 25th December, 2019 would mark the 4th Anniversary of LVCNR. We’d resumed the LVCNR journey on this day in 2015, after suspending the community in 2011. We’re pleased to announce the celebrations for the 4th anniversary of LVCNR. There would be events, games, giveaways & more! The celebrations will…

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LVCNR Update v3.1.2

Version 3.1.2 UpdateBy: denNorske & dB.​ Bugfixes Fixed stat loss bug. It will now show you an error if there is something wrong and ask you to reconnect. Isn’t that awesome? No more stat loss whoop whoop! “Fixed” Blowjob and edited blowjob message(s).. ehe? You better figure out this one.…

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LVCNR v3.1.1 Released

Bugfixes: /resetpass and !resetpass added for administrators. Anticheat has been updated to be more accurate and stable. We did have some issues 3.1.0 which I hope is resolved now. /trucking missions had an issue where the end checkpoint did not always work. In this update, the ending checkpoint will work…

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LVCNR v3.1.0 Released

Version 3.1.0 Update By: denNorske, X337, dB., R@f STATS RESET Due to modifications in the code, all player stats have been reset, except the player score. This includes all your movable & immovable assets. If you owned a custom house (purchased from the store), it would still be there for…

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LVCNR New Forum!

The new premium forum, a Xenforo software, is ready and has been launched. Visit The new forum has enormous features specially for user customization, look & feel. Feel free to explore around on the new forum.

We once again thank our donators for generously donating to the community, without who, such premium & featured incorporation to the LVCNR Network, couldn’t have been possible.