LVCNR Update v3.1.2


Version 3.1.2 Update
By: denNorske & dB.‚Äč


  1. Fixed stat loss bug. It will now show you an error if there is something wrong and ask you to reconnect. Isn’t that awesome? No more stat loss whoop whoop!
  2. “Fixed” Blowjob and edited blowjob message(s).. ehe? You better figure out this one.
  3. Regulars player lounge (The RPL) is now normally enterable. The “hit” bug is eliminated.
  4. /stats [player] – xp will now show the correct XP and not your own one.
  5. Lotto bugs has been fixed. At least, I “bet” it is.
  6. Players can no longer blow jails if they are not in LVPD. Lazy people, huh?
  7. Speedometer now shows in private cars as well!! Why wouldn’t it? What did you do to it?
  8. Gangwars are now lost/ended even if you press F4 when you die. Stop cheating!
  9. Fixed a bug with forklift missions’ achievements.

Additions and changes:

  1. MMB arresting has no time limit.
  2. Arresting in races has been disabled.
  3. Payday benefits (payouts) will be a tiny bit higher now. (Yes, more cash on you).
  4. Blowjobs cost a slight bit more, and they have…. TAXES!!
  5. Player join and leave messages added to chat! Now you can stalk everyone
  6. Added teleport anticheat that works (Amazing, huh?)
  7. Added checks so that hackers can’t use special vehicles (Rhino, hunter, hydra) if they lack the required XP. This has been tested and is super effective.
  8. Tweaking of the EMP class.
  9. Secret Service can no longer be tracked with /i (/info). They are Illuminati 120%
  10. Tweaks has been done to improve the login-performance. Now you can log in even faster, hopefully with less lag.
  11. In order to use the Special LEO classes (FBI, CIA & Army) you will need the following in addition to the relevant XP:
    • FBI: 50 Cop Arrests OR 100 Cop Kills
    • CIA: 75 Cop Arrests OR 125 Cop KIlls
    • Army: 150 Cop Arrests OR 200 Cop Kills


  1. Reecy’s memorial has been removed – as she is still alive and in good shape.

We are already planning on our new 3.2.0 update, which will be a bit bigger than this.

It includes a re-design of our GUI and several system improvements.
Thanks to SFB for helping us with the testing.

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  1. i wanna play online

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