LVCNR Update v3.2.1

Version 3.2.1 Update


New Rule:

  • Wanted players CANNOT randomly attack or DM among themselves anymore.
  • An announcement also appears every time you spawn in game.
  • The rules have accordingly been changed in /rules.
  • Announced on LVCNR App, Discord, Server, Wiki & Forum.
  • On violation, you are liable to get punished. “I didn’t know” won’t work.


What’s New:

  • Added Unfair kill/death system. So, If a cop/LEO kills another cop/LEO or an innocent civilian:
    • The player’s death is not added to his death-count.
    • The amount taxed on death is refunded immediately.
    • The killer is fined +2 score & 10 XP for the unfair kill.
    • The killer does not get the kill-count.
    • However, sufficient protection to genuine cases has been ensured and the auto-cop ban is optimised based on the killer’s police stats like cop-kills & arrests.
    • Demo Video:
  • The speedometer can now be hidden in /settings.
  • /tie without ID will tie the nearest person.
  • /tk without ID will ticket the nearest person.
  • Added /player command:
    • This returns your nearest player ID & Name.
  • Added /wantedplayer command:
    • This returns your nearest wanted player ID & name. Specifically useful for cops.



  • Vehicle /lock system fixed
  • The Air Fuel CP infinite repair bug fixed.
  • Bank robbery timer duration increased. Now you don’t get teleported outside without completing your robbery.
  • A few Anti-Cheat fixes.


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