LVCNR Annual Awards 2017

Ladies and gentlemen,


to the third edition of LV-CNR awards, LVA ’17.

2017 was really an auspicious and exciting year for the whole community.

We went through several ups and downs this year, but hell yeah, we are still standing firm and strong,

We met many new players as well as few parted away from the server for personal reasons, we lost some of our dear friends forever, we prayed for them for their well being, no matter where are they now, but their memories will still remain deep in our hearts forever.

We are thankful to the community for bearing with us and helping us during our tough times.

So here we are, we would like to express our gratitude towards the community members and commemorate the achievements of those players who have been exceptionally great and stood high in their respective fields.

Some information are given below, we highly advice you guys to thoroughly read them before going through the voting process.

  • You shall enter the In Game Nick (IGN) of the player you want to vote for, against the suited category. Eg: Best Cop: Playername.
  • Only one vote per category allowed. If you vote more than once in a certain category, it will be ignored.
  • You can choose same player for any other category as well.
  • Creating fake or duplicate accounts for voting will be ignored.
  • You cannot vote for yourself.
  • Vote for players on your judgement, and not just because he is your friend, or your gang leader. Gang members threatening members or others to forcefully vote for them will be punished. If you are gang member, and your gang leader has forced you to vote for him, simply PM any admin with proof.
  • Excessive votes for same person for a majority of the categories will end in all of your votes being ignored.
  • You may leave a category blank, if you can’t think of any player suiting that category.

All you got to do is to vote for the players that you think suit right for a specific category. The list of categories are given below.


Best COP:

Best FBI:

Best CIA:

Best ARMY:


Best Hit-man:

Best Robber (Overall) :

Best Kidnapper:

Best Weapon Dealer:

Best Terrorist:

Best medic:

Best Mechanic:

Best Drug Dealer:


Best Trash Collector:

Best Trucker:

Best sweeper:

Best Fork-Lifter:

Best Bus Driver:

Best Fisherman:

Best In-game Mission (MCQ) :


Best Gang:

Best Zone (MCQ) :

Best House interior (MCQ):


Best Sniper skill :

Best Deagle skill :

Best Sawn-off skill :

Best parkour skill :

Best Knife Skill :


Best Drifter :

Best Vehicle Handling Skills :

Weirdest Username (IN-game name) :

Best Money Bag Hunter :

Best Vehicle Modifier (/vtoys) :

Best Pilot :

Funniest Player :

Best Newbie :

Nicest Player :

Most Helpful Player :

Most Fun To Play With :

Best BMX rider :

Best Businessman (Vehicle, House Deals etc..)

Best Server Couple:

Biggest Bully:

Biggest rule-breaker:

Biggest RDMer:

Weirdest Player:

Biggest Asslicker:

Biggest Noob:

Most Skilled Player:

Best Zone Capturer:

Biggest Complainer:

Biggest Lagger :

Best PLAYER (Overall) :

Most Respected Player :

Most Active player :

Most Inactive Player :

Most Missed Player :


Best Media Crew Member :

Best Event Maker :

Best Helper :

Best Admin :

Most Abusive Helper :

Most Abusive Admin :


Most Exciting Year in LVCNR(2015-2018) :

Best Server Feature :

Worst Server Feature :

 We decided to consider some titles as the most valuable among all of them.




We are glad to announce our revamped version of the award ceremony. Scrolling through the categories, you may find some new as well as old titles from the previous threads. This time, we moved to a more sophisticated voting system by means of google documents/forms, so that members can vote flawlessly, easily and in a secured manner. Make sure you guys log in to our forums and check your private messages, you will receive a link to a google form, where you are required to enter your votes. Don’t mess it up, think before you enter your vote, if you face any problem, hit us a pm through discord/forums and we’ll respond ASAP. Keep in mind that this opportunity comes once a year, so be patient and vote for the best !!


Ammaarii for setting up the forms/voting system.
Ryan_likes, Dukenukem and SpringFredBonnie for actively co-operating with us by creating those awesome designs.
Lastly, thank you dB. for giving us the opportunity of organizing this ceremony.

Vote wisely and Good Luck to the Winners !!


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