LVCNR Awards 2017- Results Are Out!

Ladies and gentlemen,
The LVCNR team is glad to present before you,

Welcome to the third edition of LV-CNR Awards

Here are the final results for LVCNR Awards’17

LEO Class
 Best Cop: _Desperado_ (8 Votes)
Best FBI: Danfrez (5 Votes)
Best CIA: _Desperado_ (12 Votes)
Best Army: Uzair_Bhojani (7 Votes)
Best Hitman: Khizar (11 Votes)
Best Robber: Yacine_dz (14 Votes)
Best Kidnapper: Ryan_Likes (4 Votes)
Best Gun Dealer: Humair_Shaikh (4 Votes)
Best Terrorist: Zin & Khizar(4 Votes)
Best Medic: Predateur_Boyka (2 Votes)
Best Mechanic: [sKy]Veronika (3 Votes)
Best Drug Dealer: Wanelly (3 Votes)
Missions in LVCNR
Best Trash Collector: cod4 (5 Votes)
Best Trucker: [sKy]Veronika (4 Votes)
Best Sweeper: [sKy]Veronika (3 Votes)
Best Fork Lifter: Bori (2 Votes)
Best Bus Driver: Bori (2 Votes)
Best Fisherman: _Desperado_ & Sameer_Chandio (3 Votes)
Crimes in LVCNR
Best In Game Mission: Fisherman (13 Votes)
Best Gang: [NWA] Ruthless (11 Votes)
Best Zone: Abandoned Airport (10 Votes)
Best House Interior: Mansion Interior (10 Votes)
Weapon Skills in LVCNR
Best Sniper: Ammaarii (6 Votes)
Best Deagle Skills: Khizar (6 Votes)
Best Sawn Off Skills: Khizar (6 Votes)
Best Parkour Skills: Dark$pace (3 Votes)
Best Knife Skills: Zin (3 Votes)
Players in LVCNR
Best Drifter: [sky]Riley282 (4 Votes)
Best Vehicle Handling Skills: Sayani (3 Votes)
Weirdest Username(IGN): dB. (5 Votes)
Best Money Bag Hunter: Khizar (9 Votes)
Best Vehicle Modifier(Vtoys): [sKy]Veronika (10 Votes)
Best Pilot: Pro.Aviator (3 Votes)
Funniest Player: DanFrez (8 Votes)
Best Newbie: Pro.Aviator (3 Votes)
Nicest Player: Dark$pace (5 Votes)
Most Helpful Player: Dark$pace (6 Votes)
Most Fun To Play With: Sayani & Khizar (3 Votes)
Best BMX Rider: Ahmad_Abod (14 Votes)
Best Businessman (Vehicle, House Deals etc.): JB_007 (8 Votes)
Best Server Couples: Kingshah/Osami & Wesker/Firekitten (2 Votes)
Biggest Bully: Wanelly (3 Votes)
Biggest Rule Breaker: Bugtis (4 Votes)
Biggest RDMer: Sameer_Chandio & Fidgaro_ (3 Votes)
Wierdest Player: Bugtis (4 Votes)
Biggest Asslicker: Sameer_Chandio (4 Votes)
Biggest Noob: Sameer_Chandio (6 Votes)
Most Skilled Player: Khizar (7 Votes)
Best Zone Capturer: Sameer_Chandio (9 Votes)
Biggest Complainer: Fidgaro_ (8 Votes)
Biggest Lagger: DanFrez (13 Votes)
Best Player (Overall): Khizar (5 Votes)
Most Respected Player: Dark$pace (4 Votes)
Most Active Player: Khizar (8 Votes)
Most Inactive Player: Giftson (6 Votes)
Most Missed Player: Reecy [May her soul rest in peace.] (14 Votes)
Staff Members
Best Media Crew Member: Ryan_Likes (13 Votes)
Best Staff Event Maker: Ammaarii (7 Votes)
Best Helper: Ammaarii (8 Votes)
Most Abusive Helper: Uzair_Bhojani (6 Votes)
Best Admin: Dark$pace (9 Votes)
Most Abusive Admin: dB. (6 Votes)
Most Exciting Year in LVCNR: 2017 (17 Votes)
Best Server Feature: MMB (5 Votes)
Worst Server Feature: High Taxes on Payday (8 Votes)









LVCNR Awards 2017 Statistics

Total number of votes: 1819
Number of valid/counted votes: 1250
Number of invalid/blank votes: 569

Voting Statistics

Votes: Category wise

Votes: Percentage share of winners – Category Wise



Ammaarii & Cardon for setting up the forms/voting system.
Ryan_likes, Dukenukem and SpringFredBonnie for actively co-operating with us by creating those awesome designs.
Lastly, thank you dB. for giving us the opportunity for organizing this contest.

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