LVCNR Update v3.0.0 is now live!

Version 3.0.0 (non-beta) – Bugfixes and new features
By: x337, dB, and denNorske
  • Our current anticheat has been modified to be more accurate in terms of weapon hacking, fake deaths, fake kills and car trolls. Who wants to DM without being kicked?
  • Businesses will now generate income when you’re online because that is how it is supposed to work.
  • When you located a car on the map, the icon would remain on the minimap forever. Now it will disappear when you’re done. Then, you don’t have to see a car float around on the map for nothing.
  • Trucking mission glitch when you entered a truck.
  • /acceptheal has been fixed. It can no longer be spammed, and /heal will be time limited to 5 minutes for same player, or until you heal someone else. Someone has been caught camping with nurses (<3).
  • Hitstats would not save into database, however now it will. Blame bugti!
  • A few minor payday fixes – and no, we did not remove taxes
  • Vending machines would give you free health if you had below 2500 cash (pftt). From now of, the server will take this back – if that happens.
  • Weapons can’t be used during Derbies anymore. It’s a derby, win it how you are supposed to. We also disabled arresting and ticketing in derbies. Hah!
  • Courier missions were altered. We changed the Courier mission headquarter over to LV and did some changes to the map icons.
  • A vehicle crane has been added, where you can sell vehicles. The vehicles can’t be owned by someone, and the vehicles has to be anything but boats, planes, helicopters or mission vehicles. A damaged car will loose value. You will find a GPS location in /GPS shortly after the update, but this has to be added. If you’re good at driving cars without damaging them, you’ll be able to earn some cash every 15th minute! But – don’t empty the streets ;)VEHICLE PAYOUTS:
    Sport cars: $10.000 - $13.000
    Lowriders: $8.500 - $11.000
    Saloons: $8.500 - $10.500
    Station Wagons: $7.500 - $10.500
    Offroads: $6.500 - $9.000
    Other: $6.500 - $10.000
  • A message will appear when the crane is ready to have a new vehicle sold, when you enter in a sellable car.
  • A mode has been added to the checkpoint at LVA. This will teleport you above the skies of LV in a plane, and from here, you can jump down and enjoy a nice view of LV.
  • Roadblocks now get automatically removed when a player disconnect or change his class. Now you don’t have to worry about smashing your car into randomly placed roadblocks.
  • Businesses will generate income for newbies, whilst they are offline. (Score < 1500 and XP < 2500). We think this is a great way to say welcome to newbies
  • Secret Service, CIA and FBI have recieved weapon refill stations. All details are in the checkpoints ;)
  • A police toturial will appear for new accounts when they select the Cop Class. This is to inform them about rules and objectives. #school
  • Weapon pickups have been added inside the VIP lounge. Be careful to not shoot anyone.
  • New vehicles have been added to the dealership. Now go weeeee!!
  • We added Tax-Free day! When this is enabled, the payday will not take any taxes from you. It works just like “Double XP” does. It lasts for full 24 hours.
  • (Upcoming update..) We are adding taxes to business stacked money (in the safe)

Known bugs

  • Some weird messages may appear, and spam the chat. (fixed at next restart)
  • If you kill someone, rob the dead player on the ground AND pick up his weapons at once, you will be kicked by anti cheat.

Have fun!

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