LVCNR – Way Forward

With the advent of SA-MP decimating without any updates & furtherance, the LVCNR management has decided to hibernate the community (like we did in 2011) and consider resuming when Open:MP surfaces.

Meanwhile, we’d leave the SA-MP server running, for anyone who wishes to play. We may also consider switching the SA-MP server to another host sometime soon, which would only change the IP address, and nothing else. If it so happens, we’d let you know the new IP & related details.

The LVCNR Forum would be archived for now, as we’ve LVCNR IRC & Discord active for discussions & reunion, if so may desired. The rest, like the LVCNR Website, Wiki, UCP, Android App, etc shall, however, continue to stay.

None of us are active on Facebook/Twitter & hence we might not be able to provide updates on those platforms. Hence, further updates, if any, shall be shared on Discord & LVCNR App.


For VIPs:

Your VIP email services shall no longer be available from 1st March, 2020. And hence, it is thereby advised that you download all your emails/backups as per your requirement. Also note that, we would not be able to assist you in migrating your data. It is hence advised that you take your backups timely and keep them safe for your reference.

In case you want to continue using LVCNR VIP Email services further, you may open a ticket on UCP. You’d be provided with a new mail-box and it wouldn’t contain your old data. Please note that this would be entertained on First Come First Serve basis, since the resources are limited.

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