LVCNR Update v3.2.0

Version 3.2.0 Update

By: denNorske & dB.‚Äč


  • Optimised the Arrest range
  • /tk no longer requires <id>
  • /tie no longer requires <id>
  • Fixed Featured houses sale bug
  • Fixed Achievements typo

Additions and changes:

  • Increased payday benefits to players.
  • Increased fishing payout to players.
  • Added check for cops in gang captures – Gang Member LEOs presence will no longer be considered for successful cap.
  • Added pro-rate check to Auto-LEO ban for killing whites against revenge¬† -The AutoLEO ban will now trigger only on the basis of your cops stats, like cop arrests/kills, etc. This has been done to safeguard cops against abuse.
  • Added a check for free armour at Special LEO refills.
  • Added a random chance factor in /blowjail command. Now, the jails won’t break everytime you blow jails. VIPs trying to blow jails will however have a greater chance factor.
  • Modified SS location in /info.
  • Minor fishing messages edited.


Server has been shifted to a new IP address. Use as usual in order to gain access.

You may also use OR to connect.

For more updates, download our android app from Google Play Store or click here


  1. Saya suka main game nii

  2. Wow nice

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